Business Travel Accident Insurance

With business travel so important in today’s increasingly global economy, companies need a strategy to help cover their most valuable assets – their employees. Employees will also be relieved to know that they are covered while traveling either across town or around the world.

MMG Agency, Inc coordinates with the leading carriers in the market to insure traveling employees anytime and anywhere with flexible, cost effective coverage.

Coverage may be limited to scheduled business travel or as broad as 24 hours a day regardless of whether the accident occurs on business or pleasure.

Coverage can be limited to certain classes of employees such as sales representatives or executives or can be all encompassing and cover all employees of a company.

Coverage can include Medical Evacuation and Repatriation coverage as well as other services to help an insured in the event an emergency arises.

Why travel accident insurance?

Employees will appreciate working for a company who will cover them while the employee is traveling on their behalf to further enhance their business.

Employees will have the comfort of knowing they are covered in the event of an accident or emergency while traveling on behalf of the company.

Benefits are paid directly to the employee or designated beneficiary and are in addition to any other type of insurance they may have.

Coverage is available without a medical examination or health history information.